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NVIDIA Drivers, Windows 7, DPC Latency

Current NVIDIA Drivers for Win7 cause an unreasonable increase in DPC Latency. The most noticeable effect is a frequent stutter during audio and video play. You can check the DPC Latency of your computer using this free tool. The same video cards work fine in WinXP. The problem seems to be caused by the NVIDIA power management feature "Powermizer". Setting the driver on a fixed power level reduces the issue at the expense of higher power consumption and heat dissipation (or,alternatively, low performance). The problem has been reported on many forums by many users for the past couple of years, yet I have not seen a fix or official response from NVIDIA. Other drivers can cause the same problem too (most often drivers for network/wifi cards). Some websites have started to check the latency when reviewing computers. A computer that experiences this problem is useless for tasks such as audio/video recording/editing and generally annoying to use in other tasks (watching videos). If you are experiencing this problem, please report it to NVIDIA .
Page last modified on January 20, 2011, at 08:51 AM EST